Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LalaLoopsy Birthday Party

My little is turning 5 today
I had a big tea party for my oldest for her 5th, with lots of teapots and tulle
My middle was more simple when she turned 5, a party at a gymnastics place, where they did everything down to serving the cake on their plates.
But I knew I had to put on one more she-bang when the little turned the BIG 
She really wanted a lalaloopsy party, so that is what she got..............

subway art - made my me

flowers - arranged by my step-mom

chain link art - decorated by my daughters

cupcakes & cake - made by neighbor

flower puffs - made by a friend & me
everything else - put together by yours truly

update added 4/5/13
I am adding in the previous years lalaloopsy pictures (2011), since my dear darling K, had a lalaloopsy bday two years in a row.  I am sure alot of them are similar, but I wanted to keep them in one place.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Journey

I have been blogging since 2008, but it was a personal journey, not one I have shared publicly--pictures of my 3 girls and our family.
Within the last year I have realized through the encouragement and praise of my friends, that perhaps I need a broader spectrum.  But I was, and still am afraid to make the more public leap.  I am not really a terrific writer, do I want the pressure to post, to create....the list goes on.  But I thought I would start, everyone has to start somewhere.  I wanted a place to pin a few of my pictures to Pinterest, but I had to have a place for them to be pinned from.

So, here I go....let's start this journey.