Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cheesy Garlic Biscuits

Who likes Red Lobster biscuits?
Yeah - I do.  But we don't really go to Red Lobster.
Sams carries Red Lobster Biscuits in a box kit.  They are pretty good.
But these........umm....they are just a step ahead.

Go ahead & try least once.

Here is a real quick simple post about these yummy biscuits.
No step by step pics this time.
Just a simple recipe.

They are easy.

Go make now!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Reads - Part Two

First off...I have to say this is one of my all time favorite pictures

What's for Dinner? Lasagna Cupcakes

I love it when a recipe turns out great for the whole family.  It is really easy to please my oldest, mostly  easy to please the youngest  and hard to please my middle girl.  But, I think she was the first to say it was yummy.  Win-win!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Photo App Review - Part One

Photography is something that speaks to me.
I love a good picture & I love to create!
I'm not an expert by any means, but I love it...
I love seeing a great opportunity of something new to take a picture of.
Sometimes it excites "my people" aka my girls.......
......other times it frustrates them.

But...I know...that one day they will love seeing their past in the eyes of.....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IOS 7 is coming out - SHOULD you update?

What does this picture have to do with IOS 7?  
Nothing!  but I hate to start a blog post without a picture - and this one was a cool sky pic taken from my iPhone the other day, so it kinda fits, right?
Just say yes and move on ;)

I have an iPhone 4------not 4S or 5, or now the new 5C or 5S
Apparently I am behind the times.

I need to upgrade, but there are lots of decisions to make.

But first, I wanted to give you some tips on what I have read on updating to the new IOS 7 with your existing device.

1.  First & Foremost - Before you update, make sure you have backed up with ITunes ****that's a must

2.  While IOS 7 supports 4, 4S, and all the 5's, I have read that if you have the 4, it might be best to wait.  Since my 4 is older, it is saying it might not support it the way an newer version would.
It will not work on 3G iphones or any of the older Itouches, supposedly only the current iPod Touch 5

Supposededly it works on all iPads.  So perhaps I can update my mini iPad (that I love so much)

Therefore I am waiting, even though,  I can't WAIT for IOS 7, I am going to have to wait until I upgrade my phone or they have some kinks worked out.

3.  Update all apps before updating

4.  Plug your device in before updating

5.  Remember that updating is a lengthy process, it could take up to an hour or so

If you don't have enough room to update, I think it is 3  GB or so, you may need to free up some space

My space has been limited lately, I cleared some apps off today to free it up.

Here are some tips to clear up some space:

1.  Delete any apps you aren't using, even if you paid for them.  There are tons I keep "just in case," but since they are in your purchased iTunes account, you can download them at any time through the app store.

2.  Go through your photos & videos. 
     Either delete them or upload them to your computer.
     Keep only your favorites on your device.
     I know, it is time consuming, but worth it in the end

3.  Go through your text messages and delete threads

4.  Music - I don't keep a ton of music on my iPhone, but I like to keep a handful of songs.
But, I deleted all music off of my iPhone today and that freed up some room.

You can go to iTunes and turn on HOME SHARING
I could give you pictures on how to do this, but I am being lazy, and just giving you Instructions

  • Open iTunes on your computer
  • Click on File and Select "Turn on Home Sharing"
  • Once you see the Home Sharing login screen, enter you Apple ID & password 
  • Then click Create Home Share
  • I believe it asks you which library to share with at some point

Now go to your DEVICE:

  • Click Settings
  • Click on you iPod/music app
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Home Sharing
  • Enter your Apple ID & password
  • Exit Settings and go to your Music app
  • Click the "More" tab at the bottom
  • Click Shared at the bottom of the list
  • Select the computer name of the library you want to access
  • You will now see your entire iTunes library
(I do have to say I haven't experimented with this too much, so don't soley take my word on it.  I mean it worked for me, but I just went to close my iTunes on my computer and it said something about one or more people using the shared library
Here is the bad news I just discovered after doing all this:::::
If your iTunes library is NOT OPEN on your computer, your music will not appear through the HOMESHARING)
So, I guess this is a temporary solution
You  may have already known this, so maybe you need to give me some tips ;)

You could always change it back later to get specefic songs - songs just for your iPhone

I hope this helped!!!
AND, remember, back up FIRST

Lastly, if you do upgrade or have already upgraded, comment and let me know how it goes and what you LOVE or HATE about it.
It seems really cool.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ceasar Salad Slider Burger

That may be a weird name, but that is what we call it around here for some reason.  
Rachel Ray has her own, similar version and I think she calls it Slider Ceasar Salad.
This is one of those that is simple & the whole family loves.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I was at home snuggling in bed with my then 9 month old baby daughter.  Most mornings we would watch Regis & Kelly.  I believe we were waiting for it to come on when the TV interrupted what was going on.  After a bit, before the 2nd plane hit, I had run downstairs and set the VCR to record the rest of the happenings.  It was bad enough seeing that first plane, but when the 2nd plane hit, I can practically hear my gasp and feel my shock all over again.  I was glued to the TV the rest of the day.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Instagram & our kids

Life is busy for all of us  in this day & time.
Technology brings new problems
But, we all need to slow down a little bit and look around us, look at our kids.
See what they are REALLY doing.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School Organization

It's never too late to get organized for the school year.

I wish I could back track a few years and have it all like it is now, but, sigh, I didn't really until last year.
Just a few years late to the game.
I've always had some type of system, but this seems to be working.
It really kicked my butt into gear when the 3rd child entered elementary school.