Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Reads - Part Two

First off...I have to say this is one of my all time favorite pictures

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This photo actually won our local library photo contest :)

We love a good book
We love to read!

As my girls get older, it is harder to find something good to read.

Before I lived this life I am living now, I said I would read every book before my girls read it (ya know, to see if the content was OK)

Ha---yeah, ok.  I barely have time, or should I say make time, to read myself anymore.  I was on a good roll of reading.  I read 9 books in a series, but this 10th one, I keep putting off and off.
There is always something else to do.

But really, can I read every book before my girls read them?

Ummm??  No!!

So, I thought I would post some good reads from my girls that they & I  really liked.

I hope you share some of your favorites too.

5th & 7th grade

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

Finally 12 by Wendy Mass

My 5th grader loves these by Wendy Mass, the next one she is dying to read is
13 Gifts, the next in the series by Wendy Mass

(ignore the "look inside" it is a screen shot from Amazon)

They also loved the Dork Diaries series.  We own all but 1 or 2 I believe.

My 7th grader has read all the Percy Jackson series, this is one of them...

Percy Jackson series

The next series my 7th grader is enjoying right now is by Jeanne Duprau.
It is the Books of Ember series

The City of Ember....The People of Sparks....The Prophet of Yonwood....The Diamond of Darkhold
BY    Jeanne Duprau
      She is just starting the 3rd...couldn't wait to check it out from the library at school.

1st grade

This is an older one by Tedd Arnold (1987) , but still a good read

Next up...

The Margie Palatini

Oh, good golly, do I love this book.
Kayla and I had a fun time reading this book at bedtime tonight.
It is a spoof on "The Farmer in the Dell"
I love spoofs of really good books.

Margie Palatini has a ton of wonderful books.

There are so many more books for this age, we probably have every one under the sun.  I will do another post on those reads alone next time.

Pretty sure we can all use a good Read....

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