Friday, June 13, 2014

App Happy

This is inspired by ----- Every week she links app happy links to her blog, and then links our posts to hers.

So…. I thought I would start with this one.  I posted this on Instagram (you can see my photos by clicking on the right hand side)

Here are the original two photos:

The first was a bird flying above in our backyard.
The 2nd was a sunset in our backyard.

I had a photo prompt for "twilight", so I thought I would try to mix them together.

I then brought both photos into the bubble frame app.  I first brought the sunset pic in and toned down the opacity.  I then bought in the bird picture with toning that down a bit.  I wish I had more specifics, but at the time I just did it and wasn't thinking about the process.  Will do much better next time.

I then brightened up the sky in #pictapgo