Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School Organization

It's never too late to get organized for the school year.

I wish I could back track a few years and have it all like it is now, but, sigh, I didn't really until last year.
Just a few years late to the game.
I've always had some type of system, but this seems to be working.
It really kicked my butt into gear when the 3rd child entered elementary school.

This is what I have going on for our school organization:


This is our school organization wall.  
(It is really hard to get a good picture as it is in a corner in the foyer)

Each girl has a clipboard:
     The most important papers go on top.
     Last year my Kindergartner's HW was sent for the entire month, so I kept it all clipped there, and brought it to the kitchen table at HW time, and clipped it back up until each week was due on Friday.
     I know it will be similar for some of the girls' classes this year.

Then each girl has a blue folder underneath the clipboard to store any information that might be needed throughout the year, but not something I need to be reminded of on a weekly or daily basis.

This year I have added this chalkboard organizational thingy.
Not sure what I want to do with it yet, but something, cuz I like it so much. :)
(of course after I took this picture, my hubby hung it up)

Then there is a magnetic board (see pic above-in the right hand corner) with information of school #'s, schedules, bus #'s, friend's bus #s, chores for when you need "redirecting" & whatever else seems useful.

There is also a magnetic board I keep on my fridge that outlines each girls PE & library day, just so we can take a quick glance.
My girls are not tennis shoe wearers, so it is important to know which days they HAVE to wear tennis shoes.
Thank goodness my middle schooler gets to dress out for PE this year, so hopefully that is easier on the shoe wearing.

Each girl  has a cubby to keep their backpacks in (well 2 out of 3 do now, as kitty items have taken over one of them) HA
Someones gotta go ----smiley face, smiley face, smiley face
I mean really, Julia, I meant unsaid child, never put her backpack away last year at all, so I am thinking she has to give up her space.
***update - the next day, we gave Julia her cubby back, and put kitty items in the middle square.
The middle schooler didn't like sharing with kitty litter and cat food.

But when you are this cute, you should be able to have your own cubby :)

They also have a shelf with a pretty basket that holds each of their organizers.
Organizers to bring to the table at HW time, which has a set of pencils, colored pencils/crayons, scissors, glue sticks.
And anything extra they would like to put in their pretty basket.

I found these little organizers at Michael's a few years ago.  
My youngest used it for the first time last year and she brought it to the table EVERY day.  She always had what she needed to complete HW.
This year my middle daughter will be doing HW at the dance studio, so I MADE her fill hers out and she WIll bring it.

It opens up like this..........
.....and folds up nicely into this.

On the top shelf are some wicker baskets (aka, silverware baskets that I spray painted to match the sun room)
In these are more pencils, colored pencils, markers, scissors, and so on.
EVERYTHING a child could ask for via school supplies

This is the whole system together.

There is a desk that has a drawer full of paper
& another drawer full of construction paper
& more cubbies with a binder I keep a schedule of EVERYTHING in it, from their daily waking schedule to every bill that needs paid.
Since I am the main "keeper" of this information, it is nice to have a backup all laid out if someone else has to step in, like a few years ago when we had to leave the girls and go out of town for a family emergency.
And a closet around the corner full of more needed supplies for projects.

They also have a shoe bin in this same room.  Makes for a one-stop room on school mornings.
With 3 girls - there are aLOT of shoes!!

And lastly there is the chalkboard on the kitchen door with anything outstanding MOM (aka, me) wants ANYONE to know
Last year it was filled with due dates for Julia's million of tests and projects due.
Over the summer, it has been random chores that need to be done.

This is going to be a WELL - Oiled - MACHINE


Here is to feeling like 2013-2014 is going to be a FANTASTIC year!!!


  1. Gotta admit, I like the kitty cubby the best...LOL

  2. It only took me about a year but I finally figured out how to find this page. I'm very impressed. First, I am impressed that you thought of all this, then you implemented it (with some limited - although apparently not timely help from David...yeah David !) Then you managed to get compliance with your system (minus Julia's backpack - what is the reason she would not comply last year? Teenage rebellion? Bucking the system? What? Maybe the kitty moving in will cause her to reclaim her cubby. Nice cat by the way. Oh...the final reason I am impressed is the level of documentation and posting on the page. WOW. My favorite is still the chalk paint on the door. I had never seen that before. Now that you have kids in school maybe you should consider being a pre-school teacher or opening a home daycare. It might drive you nuts but you would be amazing at it. Good job on the blog. You may have given me an idea but more on that later. Brian

    1. Glad you finally found it Brian & that you read it. Julia probably never put her backpack away last year because honestly she did homework from the time she walked in the door until the time she went to bed. So, it never really made sense to put it away. And she did reclaim her cubby, the cat stuff got booted. And yes, when I do a blog post I tend to be very wordy. I always have a lot to say I guess. I also love the chalkboard door. I love the new chalkboard "thingy" (as I called it). Each one has more school papers and on the chalkboard part shows HW assignments for the week. LOVE IT!!!
      And lastly, Brian, there will be no, absolutely no home daycare. I have time to myself for the first time in 12 years and I am going to ENJOY it. :) And I can't wait to hear what your idea is.

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  4. love love love - will you marry me?? :)