Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf on the Shelf...well kinda

For two years now, we have done the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.

Except ours isn't an elf.  It's a reindeer.  His name is Jingle.

The elf looks creepy to me.  Yes, the elf is more flexible and you could probably do more things with it.  Oh, and it is an ELF.  Well, Reindeers can be elves too.  Apparently......

At least in this house.

My little was asking this morning if Jingle was going to come down from the attic.  Wait.....I just got that. Does she think it is a Christmas decoration??? are some situations our Jingle found hiself in.

The first two pictures are how he appeared both years.....
Year One....he just showed up in our was magic from then on out.

The 2nd year he thought he would help decorate the tree...and he apparently needed a little help, so he used lots of stacking devices.

tsk, tsk....trying to take money from my wallet

Watching Elf....popcorn, syrup, m&m's, tootsie rolls

Looks like a little parade was going on...guest feature with Rudolph
I guess he decided to check out the whole painted nails thing.

....little bit of wii time

 Where IS Jingle?

Playing a little bit of Black Ops

My little must have sneezed on him......feeling a little under the weather

 Reading to friends

Seeing what it feels like to be a penguin for the day

 "Listen up class, today we will be learning about maps"

Somebody had a craving for a popscicle.....or maybe it just felt like home

He needed some hot chocolate to warm himself up after spending the day in the freezer.

Playing cards with friends

They are looking a little tipsy after all that sugar consumption.

Where do you think you are going?

"Leaving on a jet plane and taking the misfits with me."

That's more like it.....feel free to wrap as many presents as you would like.

More game time with friends....Hungry Hungry Hippo

so sweet.....trying to help make teacher treats.....or was he eating them????

Singing Christmas carols OR playing Godzilla??

Bath time (first year)

Bath time in the sink (2nd year)

Peace out with some Christmas Tunes

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chicken Wing Soup

If you want something simple....this is the recipe for you.

A friend requested it, so I thought I would put it on the blog.

I used a baked chicken from Sam's, shredded that, and put it in the crock pot.
And then added in the rest.
I only had 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, used about 5 cups of milk, almost a full cup of sour cream, 1/4 cup of hot sauce

It is a simple meal, I added a salad and some French crusty bread.

The most amazing part is that ALL 3 girls (and of course the hubby) loved it.  Even my pickiest eaters.

You can shred your chicken however you like it....chunked--torn--or pulverized in our case.

Add the Parmesan on top, and more hot sauce if you desire (I did) ---good to go!!!
***added later  I ended up adding several minced garlic cloves for some more flavor.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Acorn treats

These are simple & easy to whip up.

You will need:

  •      Mini nutter butter cookies
  •      Hershey kisses
  •      Mini chocolate chips (not pictured)
  •      melted chocolate for the "glue"

Melt your chocolate---I used a small amount of chocolate chips with a little bit of shortening.
Dip the Hershey kiss into the chocolate and place it onto the nutter butter cookie.

Lay flat on wax paper.
Allow to harden.

 Now it is time to add the other side of the acorn.
Adding a teeny tiny mini chocolate chip is harder than it looks....
I used this straw...dipped it into the chocolate and drizzled onto the other side of the cookie

...and then placed the teeny tiny mini chocolate chip on top.

I will wrap them up tomorrow and present to the girls teachers, teacher assistants & bus drivers.

Not that you really need instructions, they are pretty easy to figure out by looking at them, but I personally ALWAYS like instructions.

Mini Nutter Butter cookies
A bag of Hershey kisses
Mini chocolate chips
Additional chocolate for dipping

Melt your chocolate in a bowl.
Dip the Hershey kiss in the chocolate and place on the nutter butter cookie.
Lay on wax paper to harden.
When dry dip your mini chocolate chip in the melted chocolate and place on the other side of the cookie (or use a straw or toothpick like I did to drizzle the chocolate)

AND here is a funny................

I made these a few years ago.


I won't attempt them again
There are some things that look easy and simple, but when you go to actually make it - IT ISN'T.

The hardest part was getting the candy corn to stick in the Oreo.  Or should I say the hardest part was getting the Oreo to stay closed.

And look at that poor turkey face.  He looks like he got too close to a fire.

These acorns are much prettier - those turkeys scare me every time I look at that picture.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Reads - Part Three

I know we all read our kids bedtime stories each night.
By the time we are reading stories to our 3rd lovely lady, I will say, some of the books are just plain stale, i.e. snoooozzzers.

But every now and then after nighttime stories, I like to list a few--- that are GOOD READS (for the littles in our life).
by Tim Bugbird

I love books that rhyme.
I just love the easiness of reading.
This one does that.
Plus it is a cute story about being the best you can be.

Here are the other ones I found online in the series.  
Looks like some  items to put on the Christmas wish list.

Daisy the Donut Fairy...Camilla the cupcake fairy....Twirly Pearly....Izzy the Ice-cream Fairy

The newest just released is  Katie the Candy Cane Fairy

There are also some for Beginning Readers
I haven't read any of these except the first one, Lola, but I am sure they are just as good.

Scuttles Big Sean Delonas

Have you read the Bear series?  by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

One of my absolute Favs!!

I think Bear Wants More was our very first and I was hooked right away.

And these are the rest of them. 

Yep....I think that is all of them.  And we own every single one.  Because they are that good.
There are some series that once we get hooked we must own them all.  And I will save them for my grandchildren.

This is the newest one we just got.
Bear Says Thanks

I have already listed my LOOOOVE  for the Skippjon Jones series in my previous Good Reads-  Check it out here here.
It is an absolute favorite...a must read.  We own every one of those too.

My last favorite book series for today is:

Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond (&Diane deGroat)

I mean it is written by Pioneer Woman.  Of course you have to love it. 
The illustrations are fabulous by Diane deGroat.

We haven't read Charlie Goes to School yet, but I am sure it is just as good.

And again, I am thinking my little needs one of these easy readers for Christmas

 Good Reads Part One is here.
Good Reads Part Two is here.