Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Reads....(Children Books)

I love to read.....have ALLWAAYS loved reading

My children have too.

My youngest wasn't into books (or learning) as much as her older sisters, but she has found more of a love this past year.  Which is great timing since she is now learning to read.

And boy..... has she come into a collection of books.  She gets every book her sisters have ever owned, which is a lot.  We buy lots of books, mostly through book fairs at school over the years.
We also inherited a lot since my mother-in-law was a teacher - she gave me all her children's books when she retired.

I love reading books out loud to them. There are a few snoozers though.

Thank goodness I don't have to read Princess stories anymore.  

When the older two were younger, those were their favorites.  The hubby and I would skim lots of parts 1) because they didn't know the difference 2) we had read them soooooo many times.

My youngest never really got into the Disney Princesses like her sisters.

But there is a fun spin on some Princess books - these are a FUN read!

this one, Ariel, I need to get my hands on ....haven't read this one yet
I think there is also a Peter Pan/Tinkerbell one, have never come across that one either
**(update-we own these now, thanks to my mother-in-law)

One of my all-time favorite series is........

.......by Judy Schachner

It is such a funny read, very humorous........plus the kitty reminds me of our own Siamese kitty, Chase

And this is the newest in the series, we don't have this one yet

This next book is what brought this whole post to light.
Miss K brought me 3 books to read one morning after her sisters were at school.
As I mentioned earlier, she hasn't always been one to really want to be read to.

After reading 2 of the 3, I decided to do a post about good kid stories (my personal opinions, of course)

This is a super cute read and I totally recommend it.  :)
I love this one with the staccato style of reading

You can find Part Two here.
You can find Part Three here.

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