Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good to Know......

I came across an awesome app today from     that I wanted to share with everybody.

It is called    
(you can get it on iPhone or Android.)

Once you get in the App----

~ find the store that your card is from
~ type in the card # from the back of the gift card and the Pin #.
~ unfortunately you do need to know the amount of your gift card, that might be kind of hard if you have used the card previously, but don't know the balance. I just called the # on the back of my card to find out the balance.

You can also scan the back of your gift card in case you typed in some #'s wrong. (click Optional details to do this)

Gyft provides the correct "cover" for each card, but you can also scan the front of your card if you want.
Which is what I did, because I have Justice cards for each girl with their initial written on it.  That way I was able to scan the front of the card and see who it belongs to.

If the store isn't there, you type in the name, and click "add store"
(see on right hand side above keyboard)
I was trying to add one for Bed, Bath & Beyond

When all done:
~click add to wallet
You can then scroll through all your gift cards on the main screen.

You can BUY gift cards for yourself or SEND gift cards to other people
You can regift gift cards.....

If you are worried about somebody stealing your gift cards if they get ahold of your phone, you can set up a passcode to get into the app

I wanted to purchase a Walmart or Target gift card for myself, just to test it out tomorrow, but neither of those stores were listed.  But there were tons of others to buy gift cards to:

There were plenty more, I just listed a few popular.

I can't wait to try it out.  I will update and report back after I use it for the first time.

Hopefully my wallet just got a little lighter.

***Update - I used the app at Justice & Claire's today.  It worked.  They weren't able to scan it, they had to manually type in the #'s.  But that is OK.  
I know we have all been somewhere where we forgot to take our gift cards in, so this way, as long as you type them all in, you always have them.
You do have to update your balance if you don't use it. Hopefully they will fix balance info in a future update.  That is really just for you, their computers will know the balance when they type in the #'s whether you have the right amount in your gyft app or not.
The sales clerks had never heard of the app of course, they were curious to try them out:)

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