Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

It is teacher appreciation week around here.
Most years there is a theme for every day....bring in a flower, bring in a card.....and so on.  This year there was no theme.  
But I knew I wanted to do something special, for those people that teach and keep my children 5 days out of the week.

I had tons of ideas pinned on Pinterest, but none of them appealed to me.  I did a quick search, scouring more ideas, and this one 'spoke to me'.

So this is what me and my girl "A" made:

Apples & Caramel Dip in a jar
( It really needs a more creative name)

****disclaimer (a big ooops, I accidentally left the main ingredient of caramel out of this picture.  But, then again, I was out of caramel as I had made the goodies the previous night, and this picture was taken the next day)
~ apples (1for each person you are making it for)
~ 8 oz Mason Jars (1 for each person you are making it for)
~ 15 oz Caramel dip
~ 8 oz cream cheese
~ Heath toffee bits
~ clear cellophane bags (big enough to fit the jar, mine are from the gift section at Target)
~ twine or ribbon (I used strands of burlap)
~ tags (as shown below, not pictured in supply picture - oooops)
**optional - I added these cute little pencils I found at TJ Maxx

These are the tags I used
As I was taking a picture, my oldest daughter, "J" grabbed her owl ipod case and put it on the "branch"

These are the 8 oz jars, my daughter "A" hand washed and dried.  Thanks girlie!!

~ Mix 8 oz of softened cream cheese with more than half of the caramel dip
~Put several scoops in the bottom of each jar
~ Add a layer of caramel on top
~ Sprinkle toffee bits on top

~ Put each jar in the bottom of a cellophane bag
~ Add an apple on top
~ Tie with your choice of ribbon or twine
~ Add a tag & Voila!

Here is the original link:

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