Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Steak Tenderloins & Bluecheese sauce

I was at Sam's, it was a perfectly beautiful sunny day outside.
I thought......lets grill some steaks, corn & potatoes for dinner.
As I left from the next grocery store I stopped at, the heavens poured down.  I was afraid I would have to unload all my groceries in the pouring rain, but as I turned into my neighborhood, the rain let up.  Horray!

But, it was still rainy and yucky when I was thinking the hubby could grill the steaks.  
I love it when my husband can grill, saves me time and saves on washing dishes.  Unfortunately, we had to turn to the full-proof method on cooking steaks to perfection, INSIDE. 
We like our steaks rare to medium rare.
We used steak tenderloins from Sam's.

You can't see the inside, but it is lightly red & yumilicious!!!

And here is the tenderloin, with the delish blue cheese sauce on top

(source from

So, I gave my hubby the task of cooking the corn.
Instead of just boiling it, he found a recipe online that called for boiling the corn in butter, milk and whipping cream to make it sweeter.
It was so fun to watch him measure and follow a recipe. I don't get to see it that often.
I totally enjoyed cooking with the hubby.

I liked putting each ingredient for the salad in individual bowls so that whatever was left over wasn't ruined (however, there was no leftover)

I ran out of candied walnuts, which the recipe calls for.  
So, instead, I sprinkled toffee bits on top.

Everybody loved the new change
And, I mean
out of 

Here are sweet Kayla's teeny tiny strawberries she picked on her field trip.  I placed humongous ones from Sam's on top.  They were both delicious in our salad.

The whole dinner was yummy!

****I hope you enjoy my recipe cards, but please do not print them for distribution for yourself or others**

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