Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Reads - Part Three

I know we all read our kids bedtime stories each night.
By the time we are reading stories to our 3rd lovely lady, I will say, some of the books are just plain stale, i.e. snoooozzzers.

But every now and then after nighttime stories, I like to list a few--- that are GOOD READS (for the littles in our life).
by Tim Bugbird

I love books that rhyme.
I just love the easiness of reading.
This one does that.
Plus it is a cute story about being the best you can be.

Here are the other ones I found online in the series.  
Looks like some  items to put on the Christmas wish list.

Daisy the Donut Fairy...Camilla the cupcake fairy....Twirly Pearly....Izzy the Ice-cream Fairy

The newest just released is  Katie the Candy Cane Fairy

There are also some for Beginning Readers
I haven't read any of these except the first one, Lola, but I am sure they are just as good.

Scuttles Big Sean Delonas

Have you read the Bear series?  by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

One of my absolute Favs!!

I think Bear Wants More was our very first and I was hooked right away.

And these are the rest of them. 

Yep....I think that is all of them.  And we own every single one.  Because they are that good.
There are some series that once we get hooked we must own them all.  And I will save them for my grandchildren.

This is the newest one we just got.
Bear Says Thanks

I have already listed my LOOOOVE  for the Skippjon Jones series in my previous Good Reads-  Check it out here here.
It is an absolute favorite...a must read.  We own every one of those too.

My last favorite book series for today is:

Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond (&Diane deGroat)

I mean it is written by Pioneer Woman.  Of course you have to love it. 
The illustrations are fabulous by Diane deGroat.

We haven't read Charlie Goes to School yet, but I am sure it is just as good.

And again, I am thinking my little needs one of these easy readers for Christmas

 Good Reads Part One is here.
Good Reads Part Two is here.

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