Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Target Finds

I love Target!!

Who doesn't right?

I saw someone post on Instagram some new items in the $$ Spot at Target, so my middle and I went and had lunch and shopping on Saturday so I could get the new items.

Target was the last stop so we could grab a few grocery items.

Using the new Cartwheel app that my friend made me look into, I saw that there were some deals, coupons & savings on the Target Store brand food.  I figured why not try it out.

One of the items I needed was waffles.  My daughter went straight for the chocolate chocolate chip waffles.  Thought we would give it a try.

Ok, so my waffle on the left didn't get dressed in cool whip.
I was trying to take the picture before my daughter bit my finger off.

It weighs in at 180 calories, not that it matters, they are really for the girls anyway
And my girls are skinny mini, so a few extra calories won't hurt them.

We also saw these little mini cheeseburgers - makes for a quick lunch or dinner for one when someone doesn't like the main meal (which doesn't happen too often anymore now that they are older).

My middle and her friend fixed them for lunch on Sunday.
It got late and my husband and I hadn't eaten lunch, so I figured let's try them too.

They are tiny, mind you, but one was plenty for me (not him).
They are 280 calories for 2, so only 140 for me.

But they were actually pretty good---and I don't do frozen food.  I am really picky.

 Both the waffles and cheeseburgers were the Target Market Pantry Brand.
These bars are Archer Farms.  I am not sure if they are sold elsewhere, it is the only place I have seen them.
But I can't say I have looked TOO hard.

I bought these sea salt caramel bars some time ago.
I didn't like them at first, but they grew on me.
Now, I like to keep one in my purse for an emergency snack.  
They are 70 calories each.

Last but not least......I like to save my favorite for last, which is what I do with the food on my plate.

What about you?

This is my favorite of the 4.

I sometimes impulse buy food items when I am really hungry, but this was not an impulse.
This just looked really good on the box
.....ANNND, it was really good.
I mean REALLY good!
I had one late Sunday night and couldn't believe how good it is.  The cake is moist, but ohhh, the chocolate is thin and creamy----but not too terribly rich.

Except, I had it again for breakfast, so I could take pictures for you lovely folks, and it may have been a tad too rich for breakfast.
But, even though it was little, it was plenty, weighing in at 200 calories.

The whole purpose of going to Target was to get some of the new items in the Dollar Spot - some new Christmas, burlap, and chalkboard things, but this Target hadn't put them out yet. BOOO!

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