Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall banner

I don't have too many Fall decorations, I like to decorate for Halloween more.
But, sadly it is over and I had to take all my decorations down.

So, I made this Fall banner today to add in a little Fall flavor.

I used 3 types of paper...
     one was more of a white burlap, thick and it unravels 
     one was a creme paper in transcript
     one was a darker paper with more transcript and swirls
I used 12x12  paper
I folded it in half, trimmed several inches off and then cut it at the bottom to make the banner style
I had twine that  I clipped each banner piece to so that it stretched the entire length
I then taped (I know, classy right?) it to my shelf

My original idea was to put it on my mantel because I missed my Halloween one so much.

But, I didn't really decorate my living room for Fall like I did my dining room, so I decided to put it in there instead.

I put the banner in one place, hanging off my shelf.....
on the shelf, but in a scattered position

took it down......put it in another spot.
on the chalkboard-----looked too flat

took that down, put it in the first place, but  in a different position

Then added another banner on the top shelf

Then I changed out the centerpiece because I thought it might be too busy

I then later took the top banner  down and added it to my original place on my mantel.....but put it above on the window instead of on the mantel as I did for  Halloween.

I then had to go make a mini banner from my paper scraps for my kitchen table.

OK. Done.  That was a long post for one little banner.  Ok two little banners.  + a mini

But...if you feel like weighing in....tell me if you like the first position 

or the 2nd position

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