Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day ideas

Here are some Valentines Day ideas for you…..

Aren't these little hearts cute?
You have to plan ahead to make these.  
I cannot find mini candy canes in FEbruary, so you have to plan around Christmas when they are sold in the stores.

For the first time since I made them TWO years ago, I planned ahead and bought the mini candy canes in December.

Yay ME!

You will need:
Mini candy canes (2 per Valentine Heart)
Red candy melts
Lollipop sticks (short or long)
Sprinkles….any kind of course (I used white sprinkles and little pink hearts)

Put 2 mini candy canes together to form a heart
Insert lollipop stick from the bottom all the way to the top
Melt red candy chips in a bowl
Spoon into the heart shape
Add sprinkles on top
Put in fridge to harden

Serve as is to your kiddies, or bag them up and make them pretty to hand out.

I obviously had a wide range of candy canes that year.  
The girls all chose their favorite.

On a side note……this was the dinner spread that particular year

OOOh - yum…..lobster tails for the adults

Pancake monkey faces for the kiddos

"fortune cookies"
I made these out of fruit roll ups with little messages inside.

These are hershey kisses with special messages that we bundled for the teachers.

My blurry mantel pic

These are bookmarks made out of paint samples that we gave to all the kids.
We used a heart whole punch in the middle, added a tiny hole at the top and tied with ribbon.

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