Friday, September 18, 2015

Dragonfly Whisperer

(shot using Olloclip on iPhone)

I would like to introduce you to some of my dragonfly friends.
I have lots.

There are some that call me the dragonfly whisperer.
And by some, I mean like maybe 5 of my Instagram friends.
Ha!  Thanks guys.  

The first time I was introduced to a dragonfly was by my youngest daughter.
There was a wing on the back of her little jeep, and she wanted me to see it.  So I grabbed my (new at the time) ollocip and snagged a photo.
When my husband saw me doing this, he thought I was crazy, until he saw the results.

I had no idea it was that lovely and delicate.
He thought I was less crazy after that.
For that day anyway.

I would take some pics with my DSLR as they patiently sat there
I couldn't believe he wasn't flying away from me.

I then decided to get braver and bring out the olloclip
He remained still as could be for me.
I even got a video of him munching on a bug, complete with sound.
And then there was this cute little photo bomber in the photo - see the little aphid.
He may have become the next meal.

This one looks like a stained glass window with all those glossy colors.
This was the first time I had met an Instagram friend in person.  We met at Starbucks for coffee and sat outside in the beautiful weather.  We somehow never managed a photo together (not suprising since I am not a selfie person)
We noticed this creature on the windowsill.  He seemed to be on his last breath, so luckily I had my olloclip in my purse.

And then they just started coming to me.
Or maybe I was just finding them.  But for two straight summers, they usually like that one little perch in our garden.

This was was out for a walk on the wild side on the fence in the garden.


Even at the beach, they follow us around.   
This isn't the best photo, but he was begging to have his photo taken.

(taken with DSLR)
And then this happened.
When we came home, I found this bee on the driveway.  I had actually noticed him before we went out.  He was very lethargic, so I thought he would be perfect to macro with my olloclip (I'll share my critters in another post)
So, after moving him on a leaf to a few different places, I finally decided to put him on my newly bloomed Dahlia.
I went inside for a few minutes, and when I came back back, the bee was still in its spot and this dragonfly had joined him.
Can I just say photographer bliss!!!

I captured them from every angle I could.
I am pleased to report that the dragonfly never did eat the bee.
I later moved the bee to a lily where he was in pollen heaven.  He wiped it all over his face and was in bliss.  He was gone the next morning, so I assume he got enough strength to fly away.

(taken with DSLR with Macro filter)

(DSLR Macro filter)

(DSLR Macro filter)
This one was not so fortunate.  I found him this way on the grass, lets just say he was pretty mindless at this point.
Its a bug eat bug world.

They aren't all pretty.  I didn't care much for this one, but took his photo anyway.

(olloclip on iPhone)
Another shot of some wings....just amazing aren't they?

Say "cheese"!

My daughter called me out to the driveway to point out the nature scene she had spotted.
Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this dragonfly, the one smiling, had eaten the head off of the other.
I don't know where his manners went.
That's just not nice.

But even in death, the wings are still pretty.

A dragonfly wing on my dahlia.
And it was one HUGE wing.
Like.....huge!  Biggest I have seen.

This one was just all bug eyed for me.
It must have been love at first sight!!


(DSLR with macro filter)

This was a first of one in a completely different part of the yard, hidden in some bushes.  I found him anyway.  And he obliged with the obligatory photo.

And that concludes my dragonfly series......for now.

There is a green one that will never stay still for me.
He is now my challenge.

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