Friday, January 9, 2015

It's a candy Craze!!!

I feel like I have been sucked into a vortex and can't get out.


The very first photo challenge I ever heard about was FMS (fatmumslim) back in 2011 on Facebook.  I first just had fun with the challenge and posted photos on my blog.  I didn't start posting pics on Instagram (IG) till late 2013.  Sometime in 2014 I got involved in several photo challenges… that is where this leads me now.    I participate in daily photo challenges on Instagram; it is what has inspired me to take photos of things I never would have before.  It is what introduced me to the Olloclip, which has grown my love for taking photos of critters I never imagined I would be so close to, literally.  So, last week, Chantelle (fatmumslim) posted a "candy colored" edit inspired by Matt Crump. Which started this whole Candy Craze.

So, this new vortex, is called a "candy craze."  Basically, you take your photo and you change up the hues.  Make the sky pink or orange or green….or whatever floats your boat.  If you look back in my feed, I had kind of already been doing this, thanks to the Rhonna Designs Magic App.  But, now I can call it something…..and most people seem to like it.  There are some that don't, but that's OK.  I know it isn't true photography.  But, right now, it is the Winter blues, cold, and for me, since we have no beautiful white snow, there is nothing to photograph.  So, I will edit some older photos and have some fun.

Just for fun, here are some of my originals and their candy coated edits.

(original photo at the bottom of this post)

For some, I will show you how it started and how I tweaked it some more until my final image.
Which, usually means I started out in the BeFunky app and tweaked in Rhonna Designs Magic and/or Mextures and sometimes will a final tweak in PicTapGo
For this one, I started out with Diptic, which is why it is square.
I don't always like my photos squared, so I tend to start with BeFunky.

….and sometimes I am not sure if I posted the right one, maybe I should have posted the previous image.  Oh well, all in fun.

This photo is in my previous blog post with the natural blue skies.  
It is a fav of mine.

I took this photo about a year ago.  It was around the time I first fell in love with photographing the sky.  All I had on me was my iPhone, so I snapped this.

This was after I edited it.
This was one of my very first Rhonna Designs edits, and it was featured on her starter screen which made me estactic

This was yesterday's edit.  Can't say I like it as much, but I wanted to see what it looked like without the words.  Looks likes it needs more work.  So, back to the drawing board I will go.

Until next time….I hope you have enjoyed the before and after photos.

This is the original photo of the one I posted at the top.


  1. Oh my gosh, your pictures are stunning! I love reading about your process. This is what I aspire to!!

  2. I think your images are gorgeous! I love that "candy craze" but I haven't participated as yet ... that dragonfly wing is amazing! thanks so much for linking up with "app" happy wednesday!

    1. Thank you Barb! You are so sweet. Thank you for this opportunity to link up.