Friday, July 12, 2013

My 3 Girls

I complain about my 3 girls
they are so talkative
they can't get along (unless there are only 2 of them)
they take so long to get ready
matching hair piecies

Ahhhh, it is always soooo much to think about, so much to get ready

But, I can't imagine life any other way.

I am not sure I could handle the rambuctionuss of boys

I like my girls to look pretty when they walk out the door
....And, so do they....
But, again, it takes alot of work sometimes

....perfect outfits
....matching hair pieces
...and oh lordy, shoes

I have never curled so much hair as I did this past school year.
I really don't want to curl another strand again!
or at least for the summer....they get a homework break, I get a 'curling hair' break :)

But then today, I walked down the steps, and this is what I saw
I was shocked
My dear middle daughter set this all up for her other 2 sisters, while the oldest was fixing the youngest's hair.
They got along so well.
They really do love each other.


the appetizer

the menu

and dessert to finish it off

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