Monday, July 29, 2013

S'mores French Toast

Yup - it's yummy
I made this a while back and everybody loved it.
It isn't hard to make, yet I don't make it that often.
But.........I should!!!!!

Saturday morning, my middle girlie, got out all the ingredients to make it.
I indulged her & let her do most of the work, ie, chopping the graham cracker crumbs and spreading the Nutella.

It isn't a complicated recipe.....but, It was way more fun once we decided to make a blog post about it and we each had fun taking pictures along the way.  

Mix 1 egg with 2 TBL of milk
(this makes about 3 sandwiches, but probably closer to 2 if you like alot of egg)

Crush a 1/2 cup or so of graham cracker crumbs

Spread Nutella on 2 pieces of bread

Add a handful of marshmallows to one side, and put the other side of bread on top, nutella side down.

Dip sandwich in egg mixture, coat both sides.

Next, dip bread in graham cracker crumbs, both sides again.

 Place in skillet ( I add some melted butter) and cook until browned on each side. 

Sprinkle some powdered sugar over top, cut in half and you will have ooooeyy gooey yumminess.
This was my daughter's Instagram post with the pic she took

I make these recipe cards --- but they are not for reposting or printing

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