Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo App Reviews - Part TWO

If you like to create and edit your photos on the might want to check this out...
I apologize for being so's what I do!

In case you missed it, here is Part One
(and even if you didn't miss it, check it out again, I did some tweaking, not to be confused with twerking:)

1.   $1.99

There are really only two choices with this app
  • Add Text
  • Add Artwork

    • There are 4 free packs of phrases
    • There are 8 or so to purchase

The picture on the left shows my simple edit---a few quotes.
The picture on the right gives you an idea of some of the artwork.
There is no photo editing with this app.  
You can add your own text using their fonts...and there are many with the option to purchase more.
Or you can add their artwork...which consists of phrases, icons.
**Let me give you a tip....there is this little wheel to the right that you have to spin to add, edit, change the font and so on.

2.  My 365 - Free

I was going to post about MY 365, but it wasn't working for me, so I thought I would find something similar.

2 a.  Collect - Free

I found Collect...another calendar style app
This one worked for me.

This app is useful if you take part in photo a day challenges.  You simply upload you picture to that day of the month.
You can add a title at the bottom of your picture.
It is square format.


  • Options to:  Auto Correct Color, Straighten, Crop, Black & White
  • Tune Image:  There is a lot of swiping involved.  You can fine tune your picture with Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation & White Balance
  • Details:  Sharpening or Structure (I didn't see too much difference, just a bit more sharp)
  • Vintage:  There are 4 Textures you can add to your photo, and you can brighten the photo up how you choose.
  • Drama:  Filter Strength & Saturation (just more color edits, seems redundant really)
  • Tilt Shift:  More Brightness, Blur, Saturation & Contrast   
  • Retrolux:  Adds some scratches to the photo, more saturation, brightness, contrast edits  
  • There are 5 Grunge Textures
  • You can focus the Center on one area of the photo under "Center Focus:
  • There are 23 frames to choose from (very similar)

The one on the left is the original                   This one has been brightened, saturated and ambience added.  It made the color in the trees pop.

This is with Texture # 2

This is with the Tilt

My own personal opinion is it is really only useful for making a picture pop some different colors.

4.  More Beaute2 - Free
You can either take a picture with this app or bring in one from your camera roll.
It does the work for you.
As you can see in the photos below, it brightens them up and smooths it out a little bit.
You can adjust the Brightness, Smoothing, Detail or Tone....if you want.
I left mine alone.

These collages were made with the Fuzel app

**side note - my girls told me they wouldn't post the before picture, but they loved how my legs looked in the after photo.  Thanks for the love girls :)

5.  360 Panorama - .99

With this app, you can take a Panorama photo.
It does all the work for you.
Here are a few of mine...mind you it was a dreary, rainy week, so there is no sunshine anywhere.
But, you will get the idea, for now.

my Halloween mantel

my sunroom, which is usally gloriously lit by the sun
I will replace once the sun comes out  - Day 4 of no Sun:)

This is an updated version of my sunroom - May 2014
The room looks lighter, but my aqua curtains don't show up as much.

My bathroom with the no sew curtains
So, these are not the best photos, but, just to show you can get a whole room in for a photo if you need to.

6.  PipCamera - Free

You can either take a picture with the in - app camera or upload one of your own.
There are MANY different "frames" to place your picture in......milk bottles, frames, wine glasses, cell phones.
There are about 20 different Photo Filters. 
It uses a square format.

**If you look closely at this picture, it says "Pip Camera" at the bottom. I did retouch the other photos in iPhoto to get rid of that.

With this picture of my girls I used the Pole photo filter.

With this one I used the in-app camera to take this picture of a sign on my mantle.  I used the Lomo C filter.

And one more......

I kinda couldn't stop once I started.  This was fun to play with.
When you are at the main screen, you click Library and you will see all of the different kinds of "Frames"  I clicked the ones I liked and clicked Download, so that when I went to edit, those were at the bottom of my screen.

7.  Streamzoo - Free

This is my first time using this app.  It looks like you can find your friends, follow friends, but for now I just want to see what it can do for my photos.
You can crop your photo, you can keep it normal or make it square format.
There are over 20 photo filters.
These are a sample of 3 of them.

Here are the rest....

There are a handful of borders.
These are an example of some of the borders.

You can change the Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast of your photo.

For this one I used Toy Hipster Filter....just because I like the name, and I used the 'Paint' border.

This is the same, using the Vibrance filter

lastly, here is the original below....

8.  BeFunky - Free

With this app you can do the norm....rotate, straighten, crop, brighten, contrast, fill light, exposure, hue, saturate, change the temperature, sharpen, smart sharpen (?)
You can also add blur, color, matte, vignette
Whenever you click a button to check it out, you can easily click the arrow to go back to where you were.
You can click the beautify button and can then edit more by doing some swiping motions.

There are also a bunch of effects...with the option to purchase more.
There are frames.
....And you can add Text with several fonts to choose from.

For this photo, I used the Beautify, Hue & Vignette features with Summer 2 Filter, with Text


The original is on the left------->>>the one on the right is using the Sketch Mode

9.  More Noel - Free

There is not much too this app.
You bring in a photo and add either star bokeh or bubble bokeh with different size bokeh.
Did that make sense?

Here is star bokeh ---> FAIL

Next is Medium bubble bokeh
This might be the best out of all of them.

And then there is Big bubble bokeh

Now with all those fails, I am not putting this app to rest yet.
I am convinced this is the type of picture that NEEDS bubble bokeh, I just need to do a little photo mash up to make it work.


So, I brought the picture into Be Funky and used the Cross Process Filter
This is the type of picture that can use some bokeh, but...
Not quite what I was thinking, but I am not giving up, I will let you know what I discover....LATER

I left the best for last, for those that have hung around to read my whole post.


I typically don't spend money on apps.
If I do though, it is on a photography app.
This one is my favroite for creativity.  
I would typically bring my photo into this app the way I want it...i.e coloring and filters.  It has a few filters, but not many. (no complaints though)

Photos are square format...but you can pinch the photo in to make it longer
There is lots of creative play.

Bring your photo into this app.
You can click on the "T" in the upper left hand corner to add Text - many fonts to choose from.
you can click the little flower symbol in the middle to add MANY MANY different icons, graphics, swirls, phrases.....and the list goes on.

With each update, 3 so far I think, she offers new packs for $.99.  
With each pack comes 4 different sets; it is so worth it IF you are into photo editing.

Here are a few photos I had fun with...and believe me, I could go on and on and on......

Let's start with this one....
There has been no editing  with this photo, just some additions of whimsy, along with the Mask feature.
Let's just say the Mask feature deserves a whole post itself.  But what it does is it "masks" part of the picture and brings out the features.

And then there is this one

I first brought the photo into Piclab and changed the Filter to Nevada, added in a few hearts with the light fixture.  
I then brought that edit into Rhonna app and created the rest.

Pic lab edit on the left---------->original on the right.
Isn't it amazing what some edits can do?

This picture featuers  the  new kitty pack for purchase. 
I bought it.  For $.99 you get the Pet, Party, Halloween & Autumn set

This is one of me and my baby girl.

Stay Tuned for Part THREE.
Are there any apps you would like to see featured?  I have 9 more for the next round, I need 1 more to make it TEN.

To sum it up:

Fonts:  Over, Be Funky, Rhonna Designs
Frames:  Snapseed, Streamzoo, Be Funky
Creative Play:  Pip Camera, Rhonna Designs
Photo Coloring:  Snapseed, More Beaute, Pip Camera, Streamzoo, Be Funky, More Noel
Square Format:  Pip Camera, Streamzoo (optional), Rhonna Designs

This is what a little app work will do for you....


  1. Fabulous info! Thanks for joining us at App Happy Wednesday.

  2. Wow! So much great information! You're right ... we can really load up our phones with apps ... and then not ever use them! Guilty as charged.

    1. Thanks Dotti. I am guilty too of still not using all these apps. There are just so many great ones. I'll do a current post in the next week or so of my new favorite ones.

  3. So, love all the apps, but I LOVE your sunroom!:)

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. I haven't looked at this post in a long time (I made it last Fall). I see I made a note that I would replace the sunrroom with a lit up picture. I need to try to do that today. That one is so dull. It usually is really bright in there. But thank you!!

    2. Thanks for the encouragement. I had completely forgotten. I updated my sunroom picture in this post.