Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day gift idea

It is almost Father's Day.  Time to pick out a fabulous gift for the special men in your life.
Men are so hard to buy for.  They want BIG, expensive items.  At least my husband does. :)  And I say that with love!!

I made this about 5 years ago for my hubby on Father's Day.  It was an idea from a friend that she had made, so I borrowed her D.A.D letters.

I try not to post pictures of my girls on here, but believe me it is hard not to.
These are older pics, and I just can't resist the series.
The ones of baby K just crack me up.

So, the purpose was to get each girl to hold a letter, D A or D to spell DAD ( you get the picture, right?)
....the oldest was the easiest, one shot.
I think my middle daughter was easy also, as I only have one shot of her, so pretty easy too.
But, oh boy, baby K, I can't help but post the whole series of photos here, as she cracks me up as I look back at them.

"so, mom, what am I supposed to do with this?

"can I eat it?"

That's talent right there!!

"so, wait, you don't want me to eat it, what do you want me to do with it?"

"how about I eat some leaves instead?"

So, as you can see the outfit is different, day 1 shots just didn't work for me, so we tried it a 2nd day.
I love this serious look on her face, that is the one I used.

You could do this for any occasion, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grampa, Aunt......
I keep mine hanging up in the house at almost all times.  I think the hubby took it to the office for a while, but I am happy to have it back in the house.
It makes me smile!