Friday, June 21, 2013

The dynamics of siblings....

I love my 3 girls, and I can't imagine life without a single one.

(many more words apply, but you get the picture)

My oldest has been at "Aunt camp" all week.
It has made the dynamics around here much different.
There is no 3rd wheel.
There is noone left out.
There has been noone pitting anyone against the other.
There has been hardly any fighting and arguing.

There hasn't been any of this:

Now, with that said, is it my oldest who causes all the problems around here?

Heck no.....she is the actually calmest out of all 3 (well other than the intentional antagonizing she does with her sisters)

The two that are here are usually the one that fight, are sassy and way more, but not this week.

There has been more peace around here than I have seen in a long time.
Two just seems to flow much smoother.

So, with that said......any takers for rotating out my kids on a weekly basis?  That way there will always be two, and I won't terribly miss any of them for too long.  

Hahahahhaha, I'm kidding!!

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