Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Did you know there are now mini ice cream sandwich's?  They weren't quite as mini as I thought they might be, but I love ANYTHING mini.  I would much prefer a smaller portion, so these are a new favorite.

This is the birthday "cake" Miss K requested for her birthday.  I don't bake, so thank goodness this is what she chose.
It is so simple to make.  
I made it in between taking donut holes to her class to celebrate her birthday, having a nice picnic lunch outside with her class, before having to pick my girls up early from school and going to J's academic award ceremony.

I decided to use a smaller dish this time.  I sometimes use a 9x13, I went a little smaller as we don't need  to eat that much.  We do have a cake coming for her bday party.
If you use a 9x13 you will need 2 boxes of ice cream sandwich's.  I used 1 + a few from the box of mini's.
Layer ice cream sandwhich's on the bottom of the dish.  
Spread hot fudge sauce over top.  
You can add a layer of cool whip, but I skipped this step this time.
Add another layer of ice cream sandwich's
Spread hot fudge on top again.
I usually spread the cool whip all over on top of the hot fudge and shave chocolate over the top.
But in the picture above, I dolloped cool whip over top instead.  
Since she was turning 6, I put 6 dollops so I could put 6 candles inside.

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