Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Treats


I made these for teachers a few years ago, but you could make them for your kids to add in their Easter baskets, a surprise for the mailman, or your lovely co-workers.

I’ll admit, it is really more of something cute, than something yummy to eat---it is just plain Marshmallows after all.  I just thought they looked cute.

 The original idea came from 


These “easter baskets”  are mini waffle cones filled with jelly beans

The hard part was making the handle
I poked a hole, a very tiny hole at the top of each cone
I alternated the “handle” between pipe cleaners and heavy Easter grass
I am not sure why, could be I ran out of pipe cleaners, they are more sturdy, but the hole is just sooo teeny
I put some Easter grass on the bottom of a platter, put the baskets on top and served them at my little’s preschool Easter party.


these are super simple and easy to make
you will need:
clear spoons (depends on how many you plan on making)
or you could use lots of colorful spoons
chocolate chips
chocolate sprinkles 
Whoppers eggs and/or Reeces eggs
bags to put them in
ribbon to tie
tags to label
Microwave chips for 45 seconds (I usually start at half power)
Stir and heat for another 45 seconds
Keep going until smooth
Dip the spoon in the chocolate, remove excess, you only wnat a thin layer
Place 3 eggs on the spoon (I usually try to make sure I have at least one pretty blue egg, like a robin’s egg, but that’s just me
Sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles around the eggs.
Put in fridge to set
Put in a baggie (I used long Pretzel bags)
Add tag & ribbon and serve to  your favorite peeps 


you will need:
cheese balls
plastic icing bags (I think I used Wilton)
green curly ribbon

Place cheese balls in the bag
tie off with the ribbon at the large end

disclaimer:  I do not have the original link to the other items posted, but they were not my original ideas

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