Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making it Pretty....(Part 1)


Here are a few items I have jazzed up around the house .....

I transformed a Lysol Wipes container into something prettier to contain recyclable bags.
I mod podged scrapbook paper around the container and added the same paper to the top.  I added the word "bags" down the side.

Tired of plain, boring candles?
I was.  
I had some wrapping paper I bought from the dollar spot at Target (one of my weaknesses in life)
So, I mod podged the paper onto my pillar candles.  
Not so boring anymore

We had this giant empty wall in our bonus room.  I wanted to do a wall of panels.  5 of them are fabric over top of a blank canvas - I ended up with a very sore right hand from all that staple gunning.  The bottom right one sat blank for a very long time.  I just couldn't find the right fabric, I finally added scrapbook paper and ribbon.  It completes the look, for now.


I made these for my daughter, A.  
They are 8x10 blank canvas's, and I staple gunned fabric, added ribbon and a button to each one.
(They eventually ended up on her top shelf, all standing vertically.)

I made these letters for some family members at Christmas gifts a few years ago.
(I really  need to make these for my girls, or, even better, have them do it.)
They are blank wooden letters from Michaels.  I cut scrapbook paper to fit each letter.  I mod podged paper onto each letter, added flower embellishments and tied some ribbon.

The top of Miss K's hamper was falling apart.  I could either buy a new one or fix this one.  The top was ripped and coming apart.
The girls have tons of duct tape, and put it on everything, so I thought why not try it on the hamper.
So, I added strips of duct tape, hot glued ribbons around the edges, and added her initial and some flowers in the middle. 
Total SAVE

This was a simple fix in the girls' bathroom
We (by we, I mean the hubby) took down the towel bar, added 3 hooks & 3 frames above each hook
Simple, but I love how it turned out

After Easter I was getting all the candy out of eggs and into candy jars.
I still had a Halloween jar on top of the fridge, decided to add some duck tape and washi tape to cover up the pumpkin.
Added in the Easter candy - & Voila!!

I had a ton of empty frames lying around, and couldn't decide what to put in them.  I randomnly added scrapbook paper to them.  The hubby kept saying he needed artwork for his walls at work, so that was the original idea.  But he couldn't make it work on his walls at work, so he hung them in the upstair hallway near the girls bedrooms. 

***they did all get hung in the upstairs hallways - I just don't have pictures of them on the actual wall

You may wonder why I am showing you candles down to where the girls hang their bathroom towels.  But I get so many ideas from Pinterest, I wanted to share and pin some of the items I have made.
I don't have original links for these, as some of them were made so long ago.  As in before I thought I would put them on my blog.  

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