Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation is coming up in May.  Here are some items that I made for my girls' teachers last year.

My friend, who has one school age child, was gracious enough to help me make these for all 3 of my girls teachers.  She really went the extra mile.  They weren't the easiest to make.

mini Oreo cookies
red candy melts
pretzel sticks, broken into little pieces (for stems), about 1/2"
watermelon or apple Airhead for the green leaf
(to make the leaves cut the Airheads into small pieces.  Pinch and round            the sides with your fingers to get them in the shape of a leaf)
**optional - foam block to dry

Melt the candy  (I sometimes add a little bit of vegetable shortening)
Insert a toothpick in the mini Oreo
Dip Oreo into the melted chocolate
Placed them into a foam block to dry.
While still wet, place pretzel piece into the top of Oreo
Add in a tiny piece of the green airhead shaped into a leaf at the top.       
      (use a little bit of icing to make it stick)

Let dry on its own or put in fridge to speed up the process
Remove the toothpick.
Package as you desire.
             We put ours in these cute little boxes

original source:

We stripped down some hand sanitizer bottles - (we are talking W-D40 baby) , stripped them down clean, 
the kids then helped us add stickers to personalize each teacher

We also made this "tower" for one of the teachers.
 It was so much fun putting together with a friend, it was her idea after all.

Bottom layer - We put his favorite green tea on the bottom, wrapped in ribbons
next layer - brown (fav color) tissue box
next layer - itunes gift card in a cd case
next layer - m&m jar wrapped in glue sticks, monogrammed
next layer - coffee mug filled with ready to go beverages, monogrammed
top layer - balloons and ribbon on top
another gift card (not shown)
I wish the quality of the picture was better, it was with my cell phone in dark lighting.

I also made recipe cards for each teacher on the last day of the week

That's it - now time to see what I am going to make this year.

****disclaimer - all of these ideas were found on Pinterest.  I try to link when I can.****

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